Why you should encourage your children to exercise

Today, we don’t seem to realize the actual benefit exercising brings us and we are solely focused on earning that six pack or the butterfly at the back, for all the wrong reasons. With the way society keeps changing, there is a higher tendency for obesity to become a prominent cause of death over time, along with diabetes. And all this is because of the unhealthy diets we are used to. Exercising or working out is the only and best way, we can make sure that this unhealthy life style of ours, doesn’t kill us. This applies to the kids as well. So here is why you should be encouraging your children to work out too.

Less obesity tendencies

Studies have found that children who are active for more than 60 minutes a day are less prone to suffering from obesity as they grow old. Unlike us adults’ children are wild and free, allow them to run around and throw a ball and break a sweat playing their favorite game and work out instead of going to a my gym singapore. Let them do what them have fun while exercising instead of forcing rigorous exercise movements on them.

More intellectual capabilities

When you play a sport it is not only your body that is working but your mind as well. Especially when it comes to organized sports like football, basketball and even badminton, you need to read and understand your opponent to defend and attack. This involves calculations, and it happens naturally without our knowledge within our minds. It is because of this that researchers have now found out that children who play sports that also gives an exercise, have higher intellectual capabilities to do math and reading, well.

Future active adults

If you encourage your children to be active in their age, as they grow older they would be active adults. And that means that the country would be gifted with a stronger labor force that contributes to the economy in the most productive way. This in turn helps the entire country grow and be better!

Less prone to mental diseases

Mental diseases like anxiety, depression and such are becoming more and more common among many people in today’s society. The reasons for this could be because they are less active in their lives or the inability they have, to balance the stress they face. Exercising is a great way to simply let go of everything and work on your body. And studies have found that children who are more active and in to sports, are less likely to suffer from such diseases.

So consider the above and encourage your child to exercise, from today!

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