Top Sports to Enjoy in Australia

Australians have a reputation as being sporty people. The country surely loves its sports. While Aussies are not sport-obsessed as most tourist stereotypes may have you believe, the country is still a great place to visit if you are a sports lover. There will always be a good game to attend. If you are a major sports fan, here are the top sports you can enjoy while touring Australia.


It’s estimated that over 3 million Australians participate in athletic swimming. In fact, swimming is the most popular sport in the country. Nearly half of young children and teens swim for sports, and nearly everyone takes up swimming for fun. Considering the country’s breathtaking coastline, it’s no wonder Aussies love swimming. If you are in Australia, don’t forget to see pro Aussie swimmers in action with your own eyes. It’s after all the country that made Olympic swimmers like Ian Thorpe and Dawn Fraser.


Cycling for sports is immensely popular in Australia. It’s a favourite among kids, and even a significant number of adult Australians cycle professionally. Aussies have won Tour de France and Olympic medals in cycling. Therefore, if you want to see pro cycling, Australia is a great place. While you are there, you can try out some cycling for yourself as well and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the continent.


Football is a national obsession in Australia. It has a massive participation rate as well as attendance levels. Football, or soccer, has a long tradition on the continent. The very first football game in the country was played way back in the 1800s. The game rose to its current prominence following WWII. Nowadays, you can watch a major football game almost any week. If you are a football fan, don’t forget toenjoy a game before your vacation ends. If you visit in April, you can grab special Anzac Day AFL Tickets.


Aussies’ love affair with basketball typically begins in childhood. A huge number of Australian kids play basketball and when they grow up, they are either pro players or huge fans. Pro Aussie basketball players have even made it into the NBA in America. If you are a fan of the game, then there will be plenty of events to go to.


Largely unknown to places like the U.S., cricket is immensely popular in Australia. The originally English game has an obsessive and devoted fan base on the continent. Australia also has some of the best cricket stadiums in the world. The national cricket team is widely recognized internationally. If you are new to cricket, then do go see a game. Cricket is particularly popular in cities like Melbourne where there’s a high concentration of immigrants from other Commonwealth countries.

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Bushwalking is an ostensibly Australian sport. The term refers to the Australian way of hiking. Thanks to the versatility of landscapes in Australia, which range from tropical rainforest to desert mountain ranges, bushwalking is a highly thrilling activity. Bushwalking is a popular activity for both adults and kids. No one watches bushwalking, but everyone participates. Foreign sports fans can also try bushwalking to see what the fuss is all about.

If you ever visit Australia, don’t leave without seeing at least one of the above sports in action.

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