Tips for small kitchen designing

Designing your kitchen is both fun and overwhelming. For most of us, it is a space that we just love, specially if you are someone who is into cooking or food. But, something that many tend to misunderstand is that small kitchens are hard to design or they are not as beautiful as the large ones. This is absolutely wrong. Your small kitchen space can be turned into something marvelous with the right ideas, selections and plan. Since many of us have a small kitchen space and are crying over it we have put together a few great tips for designing it. Check them out below.

Proper layout


First things first, you will have to have a solid plant for your kitchen’s design in order to get it done right. No one will find a strange layout beautiful. Thereby, start off by thinking of the way you want your kitchen to be. Where do you want the sink, refrigerator, cabinets and all to be? Do you want to add a dining space as well? If so, separate a space for it. From the floor to the ceiling, you will have to plan every single thing to get this done right.


Color palette


Next up is the color palette. Pick one and stick with it. From the beginning till the end you need to have a solid color palette. This will match and put the whole kitchen into place. It is something that you don’t want to mess up. When selecting the color palette go with the theme of the your home. You don’t want the kitchen to end up being something different. Also, select your furniture like the dining chairs singapore based on it. It will make the room look spacious and will make the furniture go hand-in-hand with everything else.



A small area can be easily packed with too many cabinets or a wrong selection of storage. It is something that you need to keep in mind when selecting the cabinetry or the storage for your kitchen. Opt for lesser cabinets. Since cabinets take a large space, you can got for better options like floating shelves or so.




A small space can be brightened up easily with the proper form of lighting. One amazing way to lighten your kitchen up is to add some windows. Nothing sounds better than the natural lights right? If not, you can go for a simple chandelier or for some great lamps and lanterns. Either way, don’t over do the lighting. Keep it as simple as possible.


These tips will be quite useful when designing your kitchen. Keep them at hand and your kitchen will end up to be your favorite place in your home.



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