Three things everyone needs to know about Makeup

Have you ever worn Makeup? Chances are you definitely have. Makeup is a wonderful tool to make yourself not just look prettier but feel confident and express who you are as a person. Makeup has advanced a lot through the ages and now has many components that can be used to enhance how you look. So here are three things you need to know about makeup.

Makeup is an adventure

Yes. With all the varieties of colors, products and textures these days, there is so much you can do with makeup. However you need to step out of your safe zone first. All of us have that go to makeup look, one that we know will always work and is very pretty but when we are spoilt for choices, should we only stick to one look? The answer is no. Makeup gives you an opportunity to try out so many different things but you need to be willing to do so first.

So play with your makeup and try new things, you may be surprised by how much you might like what you see and if you don’t, then you can always try again. You can even get eyelash perm singapore or try out a dark colour that you may have never dared to try before. It doesn’t matter, just do something different. Take a leap of faith and go have some fun.

Choosing makeup according to your skin colour

As much as adventure is fun, it is also good to use the things present to get the maximum benefit from your makeup. Your skin tone and undertone are two factors that can heavily influence your makeup. There are four basic skin tones, Deep Brown, Medium, Light and Fair. There are two undertones, warm and cool. You can figure out which skin tone and undertone you have by yourself or by visiting a professional. When a makeup suits your skintone and undertone, you will have a glow and your skin will look brighter instead of dull.

Use the Right Tools

You may wonder why there is so many brushes to apply makeup with, the reason most of them are geared towards one use or the effect they have are different. For makeup, it needs to seamlessly blend together therefore it is necessary that you blend everything out. Get a Good brush that is suitable for blending. If you need to perm or curl your eyelashes by yourself you would need to get a curler.

Ultimately makeup should make you feel good. So try the above and be open to all aspects of makeup.

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