Things To Know Before Going For Filler Injections

It is beautiful to feel ageless. Our face shows the signs of ageing at the earliest. Fine lines and wrinkles show up to make the skin look dull and aged. Today’s market offers us various treatments and creams to fight ageing. But there are many people who do not get desired result from the products. One of the treatments that definitely work is filler treatment. This treatment is now quite popular due to their benefits. Here we present all that you need to know before going for this treatment.

Benefits: Filler injections offered at reputed dermal fillers clinic are quite useful as they offer a range of benefits.

Instant results: these dermal fillers show instant results as soon the elements enter the skin. It does not require much time to enjoy the benefits. Unlike other treatments which require repetition at certain intervals to show the results, filler injections work from the very first treatment.

Long lasting effect: Most treatments require regular services to enjoy the benefits. But fillers work up to six months. The results of some treatment stay even one year. This depends on the quality of product and the clinic.

Youthful looks: most injections are based on collagen, a natural ingredient present in our skin to make it look youthful. This natural element enters the skin cells and boosts the collagen level which decreases with age. The injections make the face plump and add volume to cover the sunken areas.

Saves time and money: If we have to visit the therapist at regular intervals it consumes quite a lot of time from our busy schedule. Every visit means paying for the treatment. But a treatment capable of showing long lasting results is a better option. Dermal filler injections need to be repeated once or twice in a year. This saves quite a lot of time while enjoying the benefits.

Low or no risks: dermal fillers come with the benefits of low side effects. As the ingredients are based on collagen, a natural substance, it is quite safe to use. Redness, bruising and swelling are some of the risks which subside shortly. Biocompatible fillers are capable of having low allergic reactions.

Limits: Like any other treatment, fillers come with certain risks of swelling, redness and bruises. Allergic people may face more problems from reactions. Though the chances are very low but these reactions require a little time heal. With ageing our skin becomes loose. Though fillers make the skin plump and youthful, they are not capable of removing the flax skin. The fats in our skin do not get treated with this treatment. Fillers need to be repeated after six months or one year as they do not give permanent results.

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