Things Everyone should Keep in Their Home

Home is where your heart is, this is your comfort zone where you could be yourself in your PJs and makeup free. Here are a few things your house needs to make it a home!

Your kitchen essentials

If you are a foodie and love to make your own food then this place needs a lot of attention. You will have to invest in mandatory items such as a good oven, microwave, avoid buying 2 in 1 which has both of it because if your oven stops working then so will microwave. So invest in two separate machines and make sure you have all the necessary spices needed for your day to day cooking. Even if you are someone who doesn’t know cooking, learn this skill because once you move into your new house buying food from outside is not practical. This is because it is expensive and unhealthy. So try to make use of this space by showing off your culinary skills. You should also invest in a water cooler for home. This would ensure that you would have cool water after a tiring day at work even if you forget to fill in the bottles and put it in the fridge.

Comfortable bedroom

This is a special place in your room because this is where you text/call the love of your life every single day. This is also your own place where no one judges you and you are able to express your emotions freely that is crying or laughing all by yourself. So it is likely that you need to have certain things such as a king size bed, if you are sharing with your siblings then go for twin bed because you would want to have a restless sleep where they keep kicking you all night long. Also make sure there are switches near your bed, that way you wouldn’t have to lay uncomfortably so you could charge and use the phone at the same time. Even your light switch keeps it near the bed because the last thing you would want to do is get up from the bed to switch off/on the lights. Also you could make it look pretty by having color codes, beautiful wallpapers or your pictures all over the room. Make is personalized as much as possible.

Laundry Set-Up

Adulting is tough; it is during this phase when you realize how much work your parents had to do to raise up a family. Making sure you have clean clothes is a task but the only way out is to stop procrastinating and having a good laundry set up. If you live in a two story house make sure your washing machine is close to your bedroom or kitchen because that way you would not get lazy to put it to wash. Another way out is to have a laundry room with an attached balcony so you can put clothes to dry as well. You could also keep an iron table here to make sure your clothes are not crushed!

Use the above tips when moving into a new place.

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