The total exercise for your body

What if there was a workout that provides women with an overall intense cardiovascular session as well as help you tone and lose weight? Yes there is one such activity that is the best of both worlds. It is kickboxing. Taking into consideration of all the movements from punching to kicking women enjoy kickboxing because it is a cardio as well as a resistance workout.

When it comes to kickboxing it is a total body workout for women. It will help you work out your entire body not just specific areas of your body. It also allows women to build strength, tone their body and also reduce weight. As it is a total body exercise it will increase their flexibility, helps to burn more calories and also improves coordination of the hand and mind. At Singapore kickboxing for women they will teach you to use kickboxing as a mean of self-defense. The instructor will demonstrate and teach you punches,kicks, knee-ups, weaving and bobbing. The participants also learn how to judge distance and land punches and kickbacks. These are practiced on bags to help with landing on a particular object.

One of the most important benefit of kickboxing is that you save a lot of time. They say an hour of kickboxing burns roughly about 800 calories. Kickboxing can also be a major stress reliever. When you are stressed your body produces less endorphins. When you are kickboxing these endorphins are released into your body. They help you relieve pain and also aid in reducing depression. Along with this it has amazing mental benefits. It make you feel empowered. When you get in and get started you feel very courageous and very confident. When you start getting hold of the techniques you feel so much of courage and strength within you.

After a kickboxing class you should be able to notice your muscles. This the aerobic effect you have achieved. Because all your muscle groups are used and your heart rate is increased and ultimately you have an improved cardiovascular system. We all feel scared and intimidated to start something new in general it is the same when it comes to fitness as well. So it is about finding the right place for you to start your new fitness journey. Because they should be able to guide you. The environment should be safe and you should also make it a process that you are enjoying. And finally when you have that sense of achievement you will naturally become confident and you will be a women of strength.

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