The procedure to obtain your Singapore residency

Applying for your residency can sometimes be a headache. You will need some guidance about the steps that you need to follow.


Step 01: Eligibility

You need to check if you are eligible and you meet the criteria in order to apply for a permanent residence or for the citizenship. It is not practical if you apply for the residency knowing that you don’t fit the criteria required.


Step 02: Required documentation

Study on the documentation that you need to put together for your application. You need to complete the application for Singapore citizenship and fill out the annex form for yourself and if you have a spouse. A recent size photograph is compulsory along with several other documents to support and provide proof for your submission


Step 03: Applying

The application form must be submitted online,or you have the option of filling out the form by hand and submitted it to the ICA. Application forms are not accepted when sent by post. An appointment must be obtained from the website and you should be punctual.


Step 04: Interview

Once the documents are submitted, a visa office will verify the documents along with the form. You need to declare that all the information provided is true and that you have provided all the information. If your spouse or child is applying, you need to be present with them during the interview or the collection stage.


Step 05: The result

Once your interview is done, the documentation will be processed. The decision of the application will be sent to you by post. The letter will inform you the date that you need to register for the residency at the ICA.

Step 06: Renounce your foreign national status

You need to visit your embassy in Singapore along with our passports and provide a letter stating that you are renouncing your nationality of the country of birth. You will then handover your passport to the embassy. This step is not compulsory to those who are stateless or are less that twenty-one years old.


Step 07: Preparing a few additional documents

You will need to have the original along with a photocopy of the letter of citizenship renunciation that needs to be provided to ICA. Another official letter should be provided stating that you have handed over your passport to the relevant embassy. Get a number and stand in queue in order to complete your registration process and then you will be able to apply for the national identity card and the passport. Once this is done, you will have to take the Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty.

Step 08: A ceremony

Similar to a few leading countries, you will be asked to an attend a citizenship ceremony after you complete step seven. A file with the residency certification and national identity card will be presented to you at the event.

Now that you know the steps that need to be followed, you can start preparing to submit your documents.


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