The dos and don’ts of gifting your employees

Motivation is something that you need to be constantly working on and promoting in your employees. It is only if they are motivated would they be encouraged to keep working hard with dedication. And so, there are different ways through which you can motivate them. Either gifting them something physically or encouraging them verbally.

If you are working on the former, here are some dos and don’ts that you need to know.

Don’t skip it out

When running a business, there is definitely going to be ups and downs. Times where business is good and times where it is the complete opposite. However, if you want to be a good employer to your employees, then you need to be the same always. Even if that means you should be celebrating when you feel the complete opposite. When the holiday seasons are getting closer or an employee’s birthday is coming up, you should certainly be checking out corporate gifts ideas even if you aren’t in the spirit. If you let down the employees then their motivation to work would also drop and at the end of the day you wouldn’t be able to get anything done. So don’t skip out even in the bad times.

Don’t overspend

While it is a perfectly good practice of gifting your employees, you need to also keep your expenses in check. Don’t over spend on anything, especially if you are having a bad time in your business. Have a budget always and stick within the range. You couldalso opt topresent DIY gifts or less costly trinkets that are not only cute but memorable as well.

Be fair

Whenever you are gifting your employees anything, always make sure that you are fair towards everyone. Don’t favor one over the other. As the employer you need to realize that it is the contribution of each and every employee that has helped your firm stand where it is today. Therefore you need to appreciate this fact sincerely and not favor any one. This way your employees would also be aware of the fact that they are treated equally and so they would make an effort to genuinely do well in anything and everything that they do.


There is nothing like getting a gift from your boss and knowing that it was certainly meant for you. Even as a person, there is no one who wouldn’t love to receive something that is clearly meant for them. So put yourself in your employees shoes and find that thing they have always wanted and gift them that. Remember the more personalized and thoughtful it is, the more it creates the right impression.

Take the above in to account and gift your employees the right thing!

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