Reasons why your eyelashes are falling out

Long and curly eyelashes is something most women dream of owning. However not everyone is lucky enough to have them as long as they wish it to be. As time goes by they may even start to fall off, making you wonder what you did wrong. Here are some reasons why it could be happening to you.

You’re getting old

As we all grow old certain parts in our body respond really slow to growth or they simply fall off because of different reasons. Your hair may grow white or fall off, your teeth and even your eyelashes, undergo this aging process. Aging is not only on the inside but on the outside as well. So since you can’t really stop your body from aging and you still want to own that long and curly lashes, you could get an eyelash extension singapore done to make it look exactly the way you want. But this also doesn’t mean you should give up on it once and for all. Make sure to find natural remedies you could use to protect these better and reduce the falling process.

It’s the cycle

Just like our hair undergoing the growth cycle, our eyelashes too undergo such a growth cycle. Your hair falls off after some time making way for new hair to grow. Similarly, the eyelashes too fall off to make room for the growth of new ones. Generally, the upper lid of your eye has around ninety to hundred and fifty eyelashes. And these grow at different cycles during different times. It also takes around four to eight weeks for an eyelash to complete this growth cycle and be replaced fully. So don’t panic when you find a lash or two on the bottom of your eye, because remember it is all part of the growing process.

Mascara is the cause

We use mascara to enhance the eyelashes and make them look all curled up and long. And while doing so is perfectly alright, not taking it off once you are done for the day, would be another cause for them to fall off. The reason is because such mascaras, especially the waterproof kinds, are extremely drying. This makes your already brittle and delicate eyelashes dry up and loose grip and fall off. In no time you might not even have eyelashes if you keep skipping on taking off your makeup before you sleep!  Also when you fix in face eyelashes, don’t be in a rush to take them off. Doing so could affect your natural eyelashes, plucking them off as well. So be careful and delicate!

Take care of your extensions as well. Don’t wear them too often and have them disposed in just about any place. The next time you’ve got to use them not only would you be having to hunt around the place for it, but you are also putting your lashes in risk as well for different reasons. Controlling your stress levels too matters if you want to hold on to those natural lashes for as long as you can!

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