Qualities of a sitter you should be looking for

With the increasing demand for sitters, today just about any person seems to be taking up the role. However, as the person hiring a sitter you need to make sure that you pay attention to the right details and select the best person for the job. So here are some qualities you should be looking for in a good sitter.

A bright personality

A majority of the time your child spends is with his or her sitter. And when you are out working, the chances you have of influencing your child is less compared with his or her sitter. Therefore, depending on the sort of person your sitter is your child would also turn out to be that way. That is why when you are advertising for babysitting jobs singapore you need to make sure that you specify a bright personality as a qualification an applicant ought to possess. In case the sitter is introverted and lazy there is a chance that your child would also be introverted and not wanting to hang out with other people. So choose your sitter well!


This is a quality that ought to be going without said that the sitter you hire should be someone who possess experience in doing what he or she does best. The more experienced they are the better they would be at handling any unexpected situations. Experience also matters a lot when you are hiring a sitter for a toddler. Toddlers are dealt with in a different way than that of an average kid, since they are still of a rather young age. Therefore, having an experienced sitter look after them would definitely ensure just about any situation is under control. Look for someone who is also qualified in providing basic first aid and CPR to ensure further safety of your child!


There is no point in finding a sitter who works really well with your kids but isn’t the best person you could rely on. There is obviously a reason why you hire a sitter and most of the times it is simply because you need to be in another place at a specific time and want your kids to be taken care of well. Therefore, a sitter that you hire should be a person who shows up on time and is reliable enough to do a good job. So when you are looking for such persons make sure that you specify this quality as well to make life easier for you.

Take in charge

A sitter should definitely be able to connect with the kids on different levels. However, they should also be able to take in charge and direct the kids when they need to be. A good sitter would always set limits and even though the kids may not realize it the command they take ensures that your child is following the predictable routine that they are used to and feel comfortable with. But if sitter isn’t firm about it the kids would only end up being grumpy and high at the same time!

So when you are looking for a sitter make sure that you focus well on the sort of person they are and hire them!

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