Pretty Hurts…Doesn’t it?

Society has pretty much done its job to profit from our insecurities. It has projected unattainable standards of beauty in news and media. Nevertheless, majority of the population wants to belong and be longed for. If it is to reinforce self-acceptance and self-confidence then no need to be rebellious. Skincare and beauty products remain to be subjected to innovation and competition. Because of these factors, you pay through the nose for favorite high-end and even drugstore beauty essentials. You know about people telling you pain is beauty. It’s better to go a bit pricey than sorry. Here are indicators that you’ve been duped by your cosmetics/beauty products.

Dirt cheap price

This is probably the most common sign that you’ve got the wrong cosmetics. If you are on a budget, chances are you test out products from unknown manufacturers or toxic imitations. While expensive is not always better either, you should be a smart shopper. Know the average cost of a good quality lipstick or nourishing bb cream. You can always wait for a sale in your favorite drugstore branch. Check if packaging and inscriptions are still intact.

On the hype or trend

Everyone rides up the bandwagon and cop the latest trends. Whether it’s a natural look or dramatic sketch, it sells if your favorite off-duty model on Instagram features it. When you’re just up for the current breakthroughs in makeup Science, beware of the alien ingredients used. A product that’s hot in the market and is working wonders for your friend might not benefit you. You can be certain that you didn’t miss any instruction on the procedure but still unsure about your skin type.

No seal

There are suspicious brands that are sold everywhere. Be careful for they might contain harmful substances like high mercury content. Know where it’s manufactured from, like and look for side effects from beauty products online Singapore. Some cosmetic and beauty trends might not have an official store in your country. There will also be no basis to determine the authentic items from the fake ones if it’s not registered by the Bureau of Food and Drugs.

Put your face to the test

Your face is one of the most sensitive parts of a human. It is such a risk to directly rub and scatter products on it. But if it works for other people, you would also be curious on how it turns out for you right? If a beauty product is effective, continue sufficient and directional use. If irritation occurs, stop application.

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