Planning a great staycation with the family:

Planning to go out of town or out of the country but your budget is a little bit tight? Well,  a perfect solution for that is to go on a staycation with your loved ones without breaking the bank. With a little planning and some effective strategies, you can create a simple but perfect vacation for everyone.


Plan your staycation, if you are planning to stay for a couple of days in a hotel it would be recommended to plan it in advance. This would give you the chance to look for places with better amenities and freebies that is within your budget. If you plan to bring your kids along choose a hotel that has a kid-friendly swimming pool so that the kids would surely enjoy their stay. There are hotels that offer special promotions for the whole family, take time to do your research in order for you to get the best deals in town.

Meanwhile if booking a hotel would still be a little bit pricey for your taste you can try looking for condo units or cheap serviced apartments in Singapore that offer short-term rentals for guests. These apartments have almost the same luxury and comfort that a good hotel can offer. What is good about this is that most apartment units have pools and recreation areas for kids as well. You can even book the place for a week or two with a fraction of the cost compared to regular hotel room rates.


One good thing about renting a serviced apartment is that most units are allowing its guests to bring and cook their own food. You can also order takeout and have your food delivered which would again cost less compared to the traditional hotel room service.


Pack your essentials. The thing about going on a staycation is to just simply stay, chill and have fun with your loved ones and spend as much time as you’d like with them. Avoid the hassle of going out just to head to the mall because you simply forgot to buy something. Make a list of what to bring including clothes, swimwear and stuff for personal hygiene. Stop by the supermarket to get all the things that you need for the next few days. You can buy the foods that you can cook together for the next few days.

Take advantage of the time and think about activities that you love doing together as a family. One good suggestion is to keep all gadgets and enjoy each others’ company. You can either bring board games, rent movies while eating pizza and popcorn or go and horse around the pool area. It doesn’t really matter where you go for a vacation. What matters most are the memories and the bond that you have shared with your loved ones.

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