Looking For a More Sophisticated Style? What You Should Know

Given that most of us are running between several different appointments on an average day, it goes without saying that we are understandably looking to polish up our appearance and style, so we look ever-ready to tackle all of the challenges thrown our way. As much as it might seem like clothes may not have much to do with success, on the contrary, they do. Very much so. There is a reason why sayings like ‘dress to impress’ exist. They give off first impressions, and are a mode of self-expression, so if you have been looking to tighten it up, you have come to the right place. Voila, we present to you, ‘le style sophistique’.

It Is A Way of Life

Not that you have to morph overnight into some sort of ridiculous, label-demanding fashionista, but you definitely need to embrace this style as a way of living. It is the only way to understand it, and get into its head. You should know how to spot certain pieces and be able to pair them with an existing item in your wardrobe in your mind’s eye. With time, you will be able to soon figure out how many different things you can wear it to as well. Remember, sophisticated dressing is a way of life. Simply dressing up in chic clothes will not give off the same impression. Live it.

Good Does Not Have To Mean Expensive

If you do not have much experience with shopping or shopping for these types of clothes in general, the first thing you should know is that good, beautiful clothes do not need to break the bank. In fact, you should be able to get your hands on a few steals at reasonable amounts. At the least, they will not be supremely unaffordable. If for instance you are looking for silk shirts Australia, you will find many options that are within your price range, though whether they have what you are looking for, is another story altogether.

Pick Colours Wisely

When it comes to more sleek and sophisticated fashion, one thing stands out in particular; the use of neutral tones. Of course you can still use bright colours like reds and oranges no problem, but instead of seeking out patterns, you are investing in bold, block pieces. Take Victoria Beckham for instance. Though she was always the poshest Spice of them all, you cannot deny that her style took a major change when she introduced her fashion line. She is now the sleekest of them all, and with good reason too.

Bold Accessories

Since your clothes themselves are rather restrained in a sense, bold accessories are what will help you stand out. In other words, think gold, pointy heels in a pantsuit or bright earrings/ necklaces. Mind you, you are not opting for all of these at the same time. Just one major accessory and the rest to be kept classic and simple. Else, there is too much going on and it is difficult to focus on just one thing, failing the outfit completely.

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