How To Prepare For Your Significant Other Moving In

Is your significant other finally moving in with you? If so, here are a few tips to help that move happen smoothly.


Take Small Steps

One of the biggest and most successful tricks of making sure the moving in of your significant other happens smoothly is to take your time with it. Move a few things, settle those things in, then move in some more. This works better than moving in all their things at once, as that generally tends to be very messy. For a start, you can move their clothes and daily necessities. If you happen to have a fully furnished house, talk through the decision to bring in additional furniture. It will only clutter your home. If you don’t want to sell your furniture or theirs, or if you happen to have a sentimental attachment to them, consider storing it temporarily in a storage unit until you decide what to do with it. Remember to be careful in this process; improper storage can do more damage to your delicate furniture than you would think.

Opt For New Things When It Comes To Certain Shared Items

While moving in together generally means sharing your space, time and things with your significant other, it can be tougher to do so than you would expect. Large things like your bed or mattress, or small things like kitchen appliances or hair blow drier can be quite problematic if it is only to the satisfaction of one person. These kind of things are usually better off buying fresh to suit both of you. Head off to bed factory Auckland for a new mattress or linen to suit you both. Head to the closest kitchen utensil and appliance store to pick out the right things to suit both chefs of the house. Even the smallest things like the perfect knife can make more of a difference in peaceful cooking than you would think!

Keep Their Interests And Tastes In Mind As Well

Being excited about the moving in of your loved one is normal. Wanting to decorate your space for them and make it more welcoming to them is normal as well. However, try not to go overboard in your excitement. Don’t make large changes that will cost you a great deal without consulting the other. If you want to replace the bedroom curtains or upgrade your furniture, consider doing it together with your significant other¾rather than having it as a surprise. If your tastes in regards to designs and decorating don’t match, your surprise can end badly. There is a possibility that you will have to redo the entire thing, so be wise about it.

Learning To Give Each Other Space

Having your own space and taking things at your own speed is important to most people. This is especially true in regards to how they view relationships. Even if you live in the same house and the same room, try to have a corner of your home exclusively for you. This can be an area where you work or practice your hobbies. It may be the office room, the extra bedroom or even the sun porch.

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