How to Plan the Décor for Your Wedding

The décor for your wedding day will greatly define how your wedding venue will look. It will also complement the feel of the day, the vibe that you wish to exude and also the entire theme of the wedding. It should have certain special factors in it though, to make sure that it is able to create the effect that you desire. Décor and how it is arranged can be a bit of a pet peeve with many brides to be because of the time, cost and effort that it takes. Unless you have a wedding planner who will do everything for you at a fee, here are some great ways you can plan the décor of your wedding easily yourself.

Pick a Theme

The first step to picking out your décor would be to choose a theme. This needs to be done in advance so that once the theme is selected, you have enough time to get your flowers ordering HKout of the way. Always keep in mind that while your theme can be unique it should not be something that you find hard to work with and will not fit a wedding. Of course, the creative independence is there but remember that you are still celebrating your wedding. Apart from this one rule, you can actually pick a theme as you like.

Decide On a Colour Scheme

Now you will need to decide what colours you would like to paint your theme with. This colour theme will not only be there in the décor but will also be reflected in your bridal group’s attire and the cake and even on the invitations. Therefore be careful about the colour that you choose. For example, if your wedding is on the 14th of February, you can choose Valentine’s Day flower HK options in red and pink.But in this case, because both are similar colours youmight also want to incorporate something different so as to set off the contrast and create the right effect.

Decide On the Kind of Blossoms You Want

This will depend on your personal preference but also it will depend on your budget. Certain types of blossoms, especially if they are exotic will be much more expensive than other kinds and you will need to have the budget to accommodate that. If that is not the case, do not be discouraged, most florists do a whole lot of different blossoms that can cater to pretty much any budget. Also remember to keep an open mind when you select the blossoms because while you may be hanging on to one type in particular the florist might be able to point out other varieties that will complement your decor better. Try to be flexible so you can have fun with all of this.

Keep It Fresh

As much as possible try to incorporate fresh blossoms and not artificial ones. For weddings that are held outdoors like in a garden or an estate, the need to find blossoms will be less given that there will be natural foliage around quite a bit. If this is not the case, try to avoid using anything that is synthetic as the appeal will not be the same as with fresh blossoms.

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