How to plan for a funeral

Dealing with the death of a loved one or family member can be very painful and difficult. It can be quite overwhelming especially if you are the one responsible for organizing the funeral especially if the deceased suddenly passed away. Below are some things that you can do to get through this sad event and turn it into something worth remembering.

Choose a funeral parlor- This is the first step in arranging for a funeral. Ideally choose someone who is reputable, affordable and located close to your home.  Ask for recommendations from relatives and close friends if needed.  You can also visit and call several funeral parlors so you can compare prices.

Ask them about their packages and coffin selections.  Be upfront with your budget on the overall funeral expenses and they can surely work out something.  You can also check out casket services in Singapore for more options to choose from. Choosing a funeral package is cheaper compared to individually availing for each service. It is expected that they take good care of everything including the flowers, transportation and burial lot. Doing these helps ease the emotional burden on your end.

Prepare for the paperwork- Coordinate with the funeral director with the necessary paperwork. You would be needing to give them with the following information:

-deceased full name

-date of birth

-deceased next of kin

-the death certificate, if the deceased expired at the hospital and the contact number of his physician

-scheduled date of burial

All necessary paperwork will be completed by the funeral parlor before the date of burial. Also, you can request for them to take care of the obituaries if deemed necessary. Contact friends and family members that you would like to invite to the funeral. In some cases, a representative from the funeral parlor can take care of this as well.

Decide on what type of funeral to choose- discuss this with the spouse or family members. There are some funeral types to choose from depending on if there’s the  last will, religion or personal beliefs.

You can opt to go for the traditional type of funeral where there is usually a viewing scheduled. When availing of this package include embalming as well as the use of the chapel, hearse and ceremonies. The traditional wake usually lasts for a few days to a week depending on the family members and this is the most expensive type of funeral.

Another option is direct burial wherein the body will no longer undergo the embalming process and will be placed in a plain casket and buried directly to the ground. Offering a mass is also optional.

The last option that is quite popular nowadays would be direct or indirect cremation. If its direct cremation the body will be cremated immediately after the person has died and the ashes go directly to its urn. While with indirect cremation the body has to be embalmed first and a wake will be held for a couple of days.

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