How to plan a lavish wedding

If you want a lavish wedding and can afford one then here are few things you could do

Go overboard with decoration

One needs to make their wedding location look grand in order for it to be a lavish wedding. Most of the celebrities get their favorite designers from abroad to decorate their wedding hall. You could do the same, you could hire people from Singapore best interior design school or hire people who have redesigned other people’s wedding and whose work you liked. One could even try something different for their wedding for example you could go for a cruise wedding which is equally expensive and decorate the whole ship with one of the best interior designers.

Spend on your outfit

Other than the decoration at a wedding most of the people pay a close attention to bride’s outfit. You could go to the best designers to design your outfit. For example in India most brides either go to Mannish Malhotra or Sabsyasaci and both of them are celebrity designers. If you plan on having couple of functions before your wedding then you could try different styles for each occasion and you could get the best stylist to dress you up. The groom too could pay attention to his outfit and opt for designer suits along with shoes and a branded watch.

Make their stomachs happy

Everybody loves food, so in order for your wedding to look lavish you could spend on food. You could get the best chefs from different countries and have different cuisines. Also a nice spread on the dessert table would make everyone happy. You should also have different sections for mocktails and a different section for bar which should be full of imported wines. You could order your wedding cake from one of the best places. Wedding cakes are usually expensive so for your wedding to look lavish you could get a huge cake with six to seven tiers and lastly one could give a good return gift to their guests as a token of appreciation for attending the wedding .This is followed in India where there is a custom where bride’s side would give gifts to the guests.

Lots of people like to have a lavish wedding and there is nothing wrong in it. For example celebrities and royal families spend millions on it and if you can afford then you too should. However, one could always use the same money on other things wisely. For example you could use that money to buy your own house in a residential area or  spend on world tour with your husband/wife.


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