How to Deal with Lost Car Keys?

Car keys are so easy to be misplaced. You can find them under cushions, drawers or along with all the clutter in your home. However, there are unfortunate times where they get lost for real. Car keys are essential to run your car’s engine so you can drive. Losing them is a disaster especially if you’re out in an unfamiliar place.

It’s normal to get confused on what to do when you lose your car key. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get a new one.

Claim from Car Insurance

Most insurance companies include the cost of key replacement covered on their policy. If your key is lost or stolen from you, you can claim for a new one from your car’s insurance. Some insurers don’t ask for additional charges especially when it is initially included in the policy. However, others make it as an add-on so you have to pay a little amount to include it in the insurance. Either way, you won’t break the bank when doing so. Check your car’s documents first when you lose your car key.

Key Cover Policy

Aside from car insurance, you can also claim from key cover policies which are given by key replacement companies. Aside from car key replacement Brisbane services, some of them offer great add-ons such as car hire when you can’t drive due to lost keys. These policies differ on when they can be activated. Some require that the keys must be lost for a certain period of time while others provide straightforward replacement.

Call a Car Breakdown Service

Leaving car keys locked inside the car is a common mistake driver commit but is also the easiest to solve since the keys just need to be retrieved. Call a car breakdown service that you have signed up with and they will be the ones to handle the problem. If they can’t access your car, they’ll have a professional locksmith to take a look which requires additional payment. They may take your car to a garage to figure out what to do and arrange replacement transportation for you and the passengers. If you have a spare key at home, you may ask them to recover it for you at an additional cost.

Buy New Car Keys

This is the most expensive solution among them all. New car keys are costly due to programming and re-coding needed especially for modern cars. The cost also differs depending on what car model you are driving and could take around 5 to 10 days to be completed.

Prepare Spare Keys

This one is not a solution but rather a prevention tip to make things easier when you lose your car keys. Having a spare key cut is more affordable than buying new ones from dealers. Having a spare key ready at home lessens your worries when this emergency happens.

There’s no need to fret when you lose your car keys. Just keep a clear mind and think on how you’re going to deal with the issue through those 5 solutions above.

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