How Much Medicine Has Improved Life?

Only a few decades ago, people didn’t pass the 60 mark. Even if people did live past 60 they had very little energy or the ability to move around freely. However, with the evolution of technology and major advancements in medicine, man has been able to see huge differences not only in the number of older people but also the quality of life that they are living!

Quality of life

The quality of the life that we are living is greatly improved because of modern day medical facilities that has been made available to us. There had been so many researchers and practitioners who have contributed to the field of medicine, that life has now actually become so much so easier! People are able to live longer and they are now also able to be fitter and have better stamina than in the past. Thanks to medicine we have been able live more than what we are actually destined for!


There have been different kinds of disease that humankind has had to fight. Even today there are various kinds of diseases and illnesses that can be found. Most of these diseases cause immense pain and discomfort to our bodies. But thanks to the medicines, we have been able to relieve the pain of the patients and to also ensure that such an illness doesn’t return again! Painkillers can safely told the most sold out medicine! Because medicines have been a great way to reduce such pain. And all this has been possible due to the generous donations of the good people like Mariyam Dawood that has enabled medical researches and other medical facilities in Pakistan to improve.


Stress has also been something that we had to battle as a society. It has been the root cause for so many other illnesses and diseases. Sadly, although stress has been identified as a contributor to cancer there has been no cure found yet. But thanks to modern medicine we are on its way for this major breakthrough! And before long we will achieve it. Until that, medical researchers and doctors prescribe people with various stress levels different tablets or even exercises and diet routines to help reduce or eliminate the stress in life!


Life itself has become so much easier and nicer with being able to cure most sickness and illness. Even illnesses that don’t have a permanent solution like diabetes and pressure, can be controlled through the use of such medications. Damage that these illnesses cause to other organs and body parts has also been minimized through the use of medication. Medicine has given us so much in life. So what can we do? Let’s donate and help medical research facilities to further take this medical journey to reach its pinnacle!


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