What Would Happen if You Went Missing

Most of us go through our lives without ever contemplating the possibility of going missing. It’s typically children who are protected from the unknown possibility of disappearing. However, each year, adults go missing in most countries. In fact, disappeared adults may surpass the number of teens or children who disappear. Adult disappearances are categorised in two: deliberate and involuntary. Some adults choose to disappear so their loved ones can’t find them. In other cases, the disappearances are caused by things out of one’s control, such as natural disasters, mental illnesses, or even criminal activity. The possibility of you disappearing is never zero. In case the unthinkable ever occur, what would happen? Read below to find out what would actually happen if you were to suddenly disappear one day:

Your Case will be Reported to the Police

One a friend or a family member notices that you are not present as usual, he or she will report the case to the police. This may not happen right away as you have seen in the movies. When it comes to adult missing people, the police actually waits up to three days to see if you turn up back at home. Children’s disappearing cases are immediately investigated, but law enforcement does not hurry to locate adults who are reported as gone. The reason is that most adult disappearances are voluntary. Adults may turn up back at home sooner than most family members realise. But it isn’t to say that if police do get a report for a disappearance, it isn’t treated seriously. It’s just less likely to cause alarm than a child disappearance.

The Police will Begin to Investigate Your Background

Once the local police establish that you have indeed disappeared, they will launch an investigation. It will start with figuring out who you are. The cops will most likely go through medical reports to determine if mental illness could have caused your disappearance. Your name and other information will also be run through various databases, including criminal, to make sure no foul play is involved. The police may go to your house, go through your room, and even your private property. If you leave behind a laptop, a smartphone, or a diary, the law enforcement agents would go through them to understand what might have happened to you. The cops will start calling your friends and colleagues to check if you are with one of them. The focal point of the investigation will be where you were seen last.

People You Know will Be Alerted

It’s not uncommon for missing adults to be found with friends or colleagues they keep in touch with other than family. When you are officially one of the disappeared, police will call your employer and co-workers to alert everyone to your plight. Even your casual friends might be alerted in the hope that it will shed light on what happened to you. In addition, the police may issue alerts to local radio and TV stations, nonprofits groups, and other agencies that could help the officers relocate you.

If you’ve got the time, then a potentially fruitful exercise is tracing recent business dealings as they can provide clues to possible associates that may be able uncover a direction regarding their last known whereabouts.  For example, if they liaised with a freight forwarder to import goods into Brisbane in Australia, then you could contact some Brisbane customs brokers who would be able to check their related import documentation for potential clues and also contact Customs in Australia to possibly provide you with who they dealt with recently, although you may need to provide the customs broker with a police authority to obtain the information due to privacy legislation.  However Australian Customs may also have the avenues to tell you if they were linked to any import/export/brokerage associations to give you some direction or highlight known associates that may not even have been thought of previously.


The case will proceed and remain open until you are found, no matter how long. The police do not close disappearing cases without talking to the victim first, which in this case is you. If the law enforcement locates you, you will be questioned if you are in a condition to be questioned. If you were found after a voluntary disappearance, the officers won’t force you to go back home. Your family or people reporting you missing will be informed that you have deliberately lost touch. You won’t get in trouble for disappearances (unless you are wanted for another crime of course).

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