Everyone is to blame for the atrocities happening around the world!

The world has become a place that it shouldn’t have. There is always some country or the other involved in war and genocide. There is always someone looking to pick a fight. And there is always people lunging at each necks for no valid reason.

Trying to understand why such atrocities are continuing to happen around the world, has left us longing for answer on how to put an end for all of this! Well, maybe it will take a long time but it is not impossible. Here are some ways you can contribute to stopping this atrocities happening around the world.

Your Children

Your children are the key to changing things in the world. If each and every parent is able to bring up more responsible and sensitive children for the next generation, easily we can obtain world peace. Just as everything, even world peace begins at home. Therefore, make sure that you teach your children the importance of being kind, the art of giving up and compromise. You need to always make sure that your children are taught the morals and values of how they should behave and live in this world to make it a better place for everyone!

Your Actions

The way you behave itself has the biggest effect. Whether it children or adults, your actions make an impact. Although, you may dismiss it as a simple thing, do keep in mind that each and every action of yours matters. By being kind to someone you may not even know, you are making their day brighter. As a guy once said, that he was contemplating suicide when a stranger told him a joke that made him smile and then said that he (the guy) has a beautiful smile and the world needs more smiles like this! Imagine, having a stranger say something so sweet to you? Of course, it will make things seem brighter and better. So, keep in mind the more kindness and happiness you spread as an individual, the more kindness and happiness the world will have! Just as how the good acts of  Mariyam Dawood  just keeps spreading!

Educating self and others

You need to educate not only yourself but the others around you as well about how they can contribute to world peace. Be a voice for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Don’t ever be an idle spectator who simply watch bad things happen. And worse still, in the 21st century people world rather take out their phones and capture an accident victim lying on the road by phone, rather than help the person seek medical assistance. The mentality of the people cannot actually be imagined! It is therefore, each and every person’s responsibility to not only educate themselves but the others around them as well!

Changing the way people think

Changing the mindset of people is extremely difficult. But if we are able to change the way people think of situations we will be able change a lot of harm that happens in this world. Not everyone has a good upbringing. Which can affect their thinking patterns. Therefore, you need to be instrumental in helping change the way people think to a more positive and better manner.

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