Different Functions of a Shade Sail

Shade sails have become a popular addition to every home. They look great especially if your home has a modern design. Shade sails are basically a huge piece of cloth that is used to protect a certain area from sunlight or rain. The ends of the cloth are then securely mounted on a wall or a few steel posts. It is not an ordinary type of cloth but rather a durable one which can withstand extreme heat conditions and resist winds. There are different types of shade sails depending on how they are used.

  • Garden Shades

This type is usually umbrella shaped and is used mainly to provide a shade in your garden. It’s hard to enjoy a warm sunny day in your garden if it doesn’t have a shade. If your garden has lesser tree growth or no shady parts, simply install a shade sail. You can now get to enjoy the beauty of your garden while reading your favorite book, sipping a cool drink or even welcome guests and friends on an outdoor receiving area.

  • Patio Shade Sails

Most patios are uncovered areas of the home. You can always consider getting a permanent shade or roofing for that area but it would be costly. Shade sails are quick solutions if you want a covered patio at a lesser cost. They are easy to install yet durable and can withstand summer heat, rain and strong winds.

  • Portable Shade Sails

If you and your family love picnics and other outdoor fun, a portable shade sail is a must have. Portable shade sails protect you and your family from the scorching heat of the sun when you’re having a picnic in the countryside. Its wall-free design allows more room for everyone and better viewing experiences for those who just love sightseeing under the shade. Portable shade sails are uniquely designed to be stored in a compact and easy to carry way.

Advanced Sail Structures provide high quality products for all your shade sail needs. Every homeowner considers it as an affordable add-on to their homes. Here are some of the reasons why:

Looks Great with Modern Architecture

Shade sails fits well with any modern home because of its geometric shape and artistic installation type. Whether you’re using it over your patio, a garden, over the porch or for outdoor fun, its modern look will surely complement your home’s aesthetics.

Moveable and Adjustable

If you need a moveable piece of shade then a shade sail works better than a pergola. Shade sails are moveable so you can transfer them around depending on where you want the shade to be. Also, they are adjustable so you can set how big or small the area you want covered. They are also easy to dismantle when you don’t need them anymore.


There are vast style options when buying shade sails. You can choose from different colors, patterns and textures depending on your home’s motif. You can even stick with neutral tones if you want a more classic look.

When choosing a shade sail, always picks high quality ones built to last long.

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