Develop your business with the least possible cost

If you have your own business, good for you! Being an entrepreneur is not an easy decision to make. Once you are comfortably settled in acompany doing even a mundane job, given the human nature of all of us, a very few people are willing to leave and start their own thing. But when you do, some, again, let it go because of some reason or the other. It is not luck, but your own attempt to succeed is what counts when it comes to winningthe business world.

What opportunities you have?


Lookaround you; where do you see an empty space? Maybe you won’t see any because with the developed technology every need of people is addressed in ways more than one. Hence it is in your hands to make out a niche area, or a need of people which has some potential for a new product or a service. It is famously known that music “on the go” was not a need people had. They didn’t even know it was possible. But Sony introduced the Walkman and today, there are many ways to listen to music while you are travelling, or literally while doing anything. So this is where your ingenuity comes in; look around you and you will see someone struggling without an aid and that is your cue to come up with a great business idea.

Where you are


Where you are matters; sometimes in Asian countries, the outlook to life is a bit bleak; there will be a lot of “no” s than “go ahead”s. But people who say “yes” are the people who stand achance to win in the long run. An entrepreneur will be keener on doing something the more people say you can’t do it. If you are in Singapore you will see that there are very many opportunities especially for a fresh entrant to the business world; there is a government backed service for entrepreneurs to find donors; participate in knowledge sharing sessions, get anything related to government administration done and so much more. In a situation as such it is difficult to say no to starting and running your own business.


What can you do?


Again, what kind of a business you must start will depend on where you are, and what kinds of needs there exist.But try to look out-of-the-box; everyone will start a clothing line or a perfume shop. Or there will be a100 phone shops or online stores. Whatever you do, remember that customer is the most important part in the equation. You need to give out the best customer service so that they will talk amongst themselves and word-of-mouth is the best marketing you will have. If you are in Singapore you can look at a non-traditional business; have you thought of lunch delivery? Or truck repair services in Singapore? It is a port with many trucks and vehicles so that is an area where there will be more business opportunities than you imagine. Try to get in to an area where your knowledge can be used but it is not a must. People who studied entirely different things conduct different businesses.



So go out there probe in to the market, industry, support services and more. You will definitely see an area which you can improve on with your input.

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