Choosing the best medical school:

If you are dreaming of being a doctor or a health care specialist it is very important that you and your parents should greatly invest on your education because it will be your basic foundation that would help you succeed in the medical field. We understand that a lot of incoming medical students are quite challenged or somehow confused on how to get started in choosing the best medical school. In this article, we will be more than happy to provide you with some guidelines that can help you in making the right decisions in your studies and future career.

1.)Choose a school that is affiliated with a teaching hospital- If you believe in the saying that experience is the best teacher in life, then it also applies when you are about to study on how to be a good doctor. Going to a school that is affiliated to a teaching hospital will give you an edge in terms of having more exposure to different medical cases that would range from the simplest up to the most complex ones.

Medical students are also given the opportunity to have a hands on experience with real patients which makes them more knowledgeable and skilled as compared to other students who purely rely on the theoretical aspect of their education. Look for teaching hospitals that are being supported and funded by Mariyam Dawood and see if the medical education that the school offers is a perfect fit for you.

2.) Look for a school that has a high passing rate- because this is one of the basis of the quality of education that is able to provide their medical students. You can always do a research or check the schools history of medical board passers for the last 5 years or so. Ideally it would be a lot better if the school is included on the top 10 best medical schools or colleges in your country.

Producing high passing percentage, top graduates or board topnotchers says a lot about what kind of education can the school offer.

3.)How much does it cost to enroll at your chosen medical school or do they accept scholarship programs?- Most of us are aware that attending medical school would cost a lot of money. So you better know how much does it cost to enroll per semester and is it affordable for you and your family? If you think that the tuition fee is too high, you can ask or apply for scholarships provided that you could qualify and make the cut.

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