Celebrating a win in the commercial city of Asia

Singapore is known to be a very effective and efficient place to do business. The World Bank has ranked it several times as the best or second best venue to start and continue a new business. Due to the strong trade and investment situation even a novice can find everything relevant, access pertinent government bodies quickly and easily, and get on with the business very much faster than any other Asian country. It is only second to New Zealand in this aspect.


Taking the name outside


As it is easy to do so, there are many entrepreneurs who start their own company or shop in the country, which makes for a very savage competition. It is, therefore, important to take many marketing and promotional actions to take your company name to people. Not only customers, you need to touch the hearts of workers, potential employees, general public and many more. Advertising is a good way of doing that; however everyone does it, hence yours should stand out. You must first find a brand positioning and stick to it with a suitable tagline which is easy to be remembered by the society. Apart from advertising there are many other activities that can be done to elevate the brand standing. PR events are one of them.


What to celebrate?


PR, or public relations has been defined in many ways and the definition itself evolves with added facets such as digitalization of all marketing efforts etc. It can be simply thought of as a strategic communication effort to build and continue a positive relationship among an organization and the public. Companies find various reasons to throw a “PR event” or a stunt; the objective being the above. Hence it doesn’t have to be a very genuine reason such as a company anniversary. You can use a birthday of a country you are dealing with or even you winning a project with a major outsourcing company.

How to have a successful PR event


There would be a cost of the event, say a party. You need to ensure the cost has a benefit. Of course PR events cannot be “gauged” as an advertising campaign, bringing in one customer or ten customers. But if your event is not noticed by the relevant people, i.e. the public, then there are no benefits of the amount you spend. As a struggling start-up you cannot allow that. So make sure you have planned everything to the dot; that you have a well-known venue, invited all press, electronic and digital media out there, invited opinion leaders and opinion formers, got everyone a reminiscent of door gifts Singapore and have a nicely written article suiting to every platform.

You are now familiar with the craft of throwing successful PR events; further on, you can research and add to the knowledge bank as time goes by and basics change. That way you will always be good at turning the public eye to your company.


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