Being the woman that real men dream of – 4 tips

Not all the single guys, even all the in-relationship and married men have their own individual versions of female perfection. But most of these characteristics are physical – it’s usually on fashion and the body types. One thing that you as a pretty woman needs to understand is that, working on yourself to look good doesn’t mean that its primary purpose is impressing men; that is but a byproduct. There are traits that makes women amazing, and since these tips are pretty practical, it’s about time you go to work.

  • Cut off the drama

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, irritating than a woman who would complain about every teeny tiny thing at the end of every single day. You might think that the guy ought to keep up with it, but would they? Besides, what makes a woman desirable does not include one single bit of drama. It’s only going to make you sound inferior and you don’t want that. Hence, start changing yourself if you want to be that woman that every man needs.

  • Be responsible of spending money

Is it wrong to spend a ton of money on designer shoes, dresses and cosmetics? Absolutely not. But there is a very clear line between spending a lot of money for what makes you happy and what might make him happy and being straight up irresponsible. A negative trait like this shows that you don’t care much for consequences. Real men don’t tolerate that at all. Having fun but remembering your limits is critical if you want a real man’s attention. Because every Tom dick and harry would go for any train wreck.

  • Avoid making fun of weaknesses of people

Kindness goes a long when getting solid men to like you. This is one reason why you need to be a kind person. The other reason is that, when you’re just blurting out insults on all the weaknesses that you see, you’re going to lose that ‘amazing’ card just like that. Because no man likes a genuinely mean woman. Because being a little rude might actually turn a dude on.

  • Believe in independence

Gender equality is not something new in 2019. But it needs to be reminded again since there still are women living in 1900s who just want to drain their man’s money and expect them to deal with life for them. You would wonder how many men sigh when they see women who believe in independence when their woman is just depending on you. The bottom line is this – you can be as sassy as you need, but you should keep your feet on the ground. It’s pretty sexy.

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