Bathroom mistakes that everyone does

Our bathroom is considered to be the most private room of the house. So, designing it in a proper manner where we will find it comfortable is important. But there are other things that we should be very concerned about when designing a bathroom. Check them out below.





A bathroom needs to have practical space. This does not mean you have to break down and rebuilt it with a bigger area. regardless of the current size, you can lay the equipment and items which will enhance the space. Many people tend to fix one another together. Like the toilet near the sink and all. This is not a good idea. In fact it doesn’t make the space look bigger. When laying the equipment it needs to be in the correct place with the correct space. For example; when laying the floor trap in the bathroom it needs to be in a place where you can avoid or unclog a toilet floortrap choke easily.


Pipe planning


A common mistake that everyone does is plan the pipe layout very poorly. First you need to focus on where the pipes lead to and the size of pipes you should get. Seek assistance from the professionals. All your layout and under floor joists will be depending on the route and the size of your pipes. You don’t want to ruin the whole thing by getting the wrong size. After you are done selecting, you can plan the layout.


Too big


Ever noticed how some bathrooms are packed just because the equipment is too big? Yeah, well, avoid that. Depending on the space decide what you want. You don’t need a bathtub and also a walk-in shower. Select what best suits you and what you find more practical. Even so, don’t go and select the biggest tub and shower. Remember the space you have and select whats ideal for it. You need to have extra space in your bathroom or you will suffocate (not literally) but it will, surely, be very irritating.




Another issue is not including enough storage. You need to have spaces to store towels, spare rolls o toilet paper, toothbrushes, shampoos, soap, lotion and all. Take use of the space you have by adding floating shelves or a small cabinet under the sink.Avoiding these major bathroom mistakes can surely create a more comfy, soothing place where you can relax. Your bathroom should be a place where you can find peace in.

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