Are you considerate about what you eat?

In the digitalized fast paced world today most of us try to quicken or make everything “at your fingertips” or at a “click of a button” easy. Cooking has suffered the same fate. No one prepares a proper home-cooked meal anymore but resorts to either buying everything from outside or heating a pre-cooked meal in the microwave. But, if what we are trying to achieve by being fast and easy is a good lifestyle shouldn’t what we eat also pave way for the same?


Reduction in essential nutrients


What we eat today is full of unwanted or slightly wanted nutrients such as carbohydrates and fat, but lacks of mandatory stuff such as vitamins and minerals. For example fibrous foods are essential for better digestion, but no one eats lima beans, artichokes or broccoli anymore. Even though everyone talks about how vital vitamins are for your eye care how many actually take that seriously and stop eating all those fatty foods and sugar, and start on yellow and green vegetables? Schools serve a lot of carbs than proteins and minerals; outdoor restaurants and roadside shacks have delicious foods dripping in grease. This type of food culture has to stop all around the world.


Try a home-cooked meal


It is true that it takes some time to cook a real meal than heating something pre-cooked. Especially in Asian countries people are used to eating thoroughly prepared food such as rice and curry whereas in Europe or Americas they will choose to eat a brown bread sandwich with some leaves and cheese. But if you refer to the internet you will see that there are many easy methods now to cook a healthy meal at home which doesn’t take that long a time. For example you can prefer to eat some veggies raw, which doesn’t need processing or cooking such as cabbage, salad leaves, Japanese cucumber and so on. Even if you are going to cook vegetables make sure you clean them and then cut. Doing it the other way around will deplete their nutrition. Try preparing the vegetables by cleaning and cutting them the night before; so you don’t have to spend a long time cooking in the morning.

Keep the medical appointments


Apart from watching what you eat, also try to stick to your routine medical checkups. Doctors advice to get them done for a reason. Even if you eat the healthiest of foods there is still a chance of getting non-communicable diseases. It could be hereditary. So doing an eye test online when you have time would be easy, quick and a way to stay healthy.

You have to take care of yourself. When you were small, parents and guardians were watching over you by letting you eat only the good things, but now when you can take care of yourself you feed the body with junk. You have to stop that to live a healthy and long life.


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