Anti-Aging Treatments That Work

Staying young fit and healthy is a concern of modern people. Everybody tries to stay fit active and beautiful. But nature leaves none. The signs of aging appear as soon as we cross our youth. Fine lines and wrinkles appear to make us realize that we are falling prey to nature’s process.

There are many ways to reverse or slow down this aging process. It is quite normal get confused to see so many ways the market offers us. Every service claims to be the best in helping to look young. But it may be not that easy to experiment with our skin. Each treatment has its pros and cons. Before going for a treatment or visiting a dermal fillers clinic it is better to learn about some which actually works.

Filler injections: Human body itself is a production house which produces some substances required for our body. Collagen is one of these natural substances. During our youth, human body produces collagen which keeps our skin firm and young. But as the human machine ages it fails to produce collagen. This is the top reason that we lose the firmness of our skin. These dermal fillers are based on collagen to reduce the signs of aging. The result of this treatment lasts six months and even up to one year.

Latisse: this treatment is meant to grow the lashes from the root. Though long dark lashes look beautiful, the treatment has some risks of itchy eyes and pigmentation.

Microdermabrasion treatment: this treatment can be taken as a refined scrubbing process. A metal wand is used to exfoliate the skin. It removes the oil, sun-damages and dry skin cells to smoothen and refine our skin texture.

Injectables: injections based on Botox consist of purified toxins. These toxins block muscle contractions which reduce or make the wrinkles and fine lines vanish. This injection is usually used around the eyes and forehead. The results of injections last up to four months.

Chemical peel: The upper layer of our skin gets affected most. This layer covers up the healthy skin cells and makes the skin look dull. In chemical peel process acid is used. The duration of application depends on the strength of the acid. It can be left for one minute up to whole night. The acid removes the upper layer to bring out the healthy skin cells. Due to the acid face may feel irritated or burning. This subsides after a certain time.

Sclerotherapy: The large veins which are close to the skin are treated with sclerotherapy. Laser treats the smaller veins while injections are used in this treatment. This mildly painful process turns the treated veins into scar tissues which gradually fade away.

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